Personal Injury Lawyer Savannah


  1. We were hurt seriously when one drunk driver hit on our car. I contacted this law firm and spoke with one of their lawyers. He was extremely sympathetic. They immediately referred me and my husband to a big network of doctors. They allowed us to completely focus on our recovery as they dealt with insurance companies and responsible driver. With their help, we got a big settlement.
    - Mario
  2. I slipped and fell inside my apartment complex when walking down stairs, resulting in bad back. I was pleased to find this law firm. They took my case and also believed in me. They even got the doctor to perform my back surgery. They then filed a lawsuit on my behalf. The insurance company still continued to deny my case. My lawyer persisted. The final verdict was in my favor and I was satisfied with the decision.
    - Paul Bright
  3. I was extremely happy in working with this law firm. They helped in during my personal injury case in the best possible way. I wholeheartedly thank them for all of their efforts. I would recommend them highly.
    - Donald Hill
  4. My son got killed in a severe car accident when his car was struck by other car. My friend recommended this law firm to me. They were very sensitive to my condition. The insurance firstly stated that other driver wasn’t insured. This law firm fought with them for this issue and convinced them finally that they insured the driver. Then helped me come to a great outcome in the end.
    - Joseph Wright